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What do I do Now?

First thing I did after getting dressed and coming down here was to ask Mom if she had already made the reservations for Oaks Inn. She said yes, so I sent an email to Josh to see if he'd be able to go, and he replied back to say he thinks he's working from 8 - 6, but that he'd have to check. I hope he can go instead, but if he can't either, I'll probably just give Mom and extra $13 next time I get paid, in order to make up for the reservation price.

I also have one idea of something to do "for" John, but that's going to have to wait for a couple days at least.

Anyways though, a sort of weird dream I can remember: When it started, I was at work, on line, with Maureen, who was stuffing, but I can't remember who was steaming, but it's not as if it matters, in this case :s I was watching her play a game on her DS (at least I took it to be hers, because I somehow knew it wasn't mine) in between orders, which looked like a newer version of Apollo Justice. Asked her which case she was on, and she kept saying "The 6th", which didn't make sense, because there are only four in the game, so I glanced over at the screen, and saw Stickler, in his pose where he holds his arm and book out, and gets that teary look in his eyes. Told her "Oh, you're only on the second one", and mentioned that "The other day, I got to Turnabout Succession", putting some weird emphasis on the word "succession", then said something else about how it wasn't as great as I was expecting it to be, then I woke up :s

In all honesty, the case is engrossing enough while you're playing it, but it still left something to be desired. The whole game, in fact, seemed somewhat easier than the Phoenix Wright ones, in that the only times I got stuck were when I had to detect witnesses twitches, and even then, either Trucy or Apollo usually said something at the appropriate bit of testimony to indicate that you should focus your attention there. All the contradictions were easy enough to spot, with a couple exceptions, as you might expect. In the Phoenix Wright games, it was satisfying when you compared statements against the evidence you had until you figured out what didn't make sense, but to be able to tell pretty much at a glance takes the fun out of it :\

But nothing's going to change if I just sit here staring at the screen all day, so I might as well find something else to do~


Stuffing & steaming, eh? If I didn't already know what you did for a living I would say your dream was more interesting than mine. ;-p

Have a good night. ^^
... I never thought of it that way :p I don't think I'm quite up to writing about those sorts of dreams yet though~

And meh... you too ^^ (I'm not trying to copy the "^^" thing ;_;)