Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Should've Figured...

Someone just started knocking on my door, so I asked what they wanted, and heard Dad say something about how someone from work has called for me a couple times. Leave it to them to try to call me in. Unless it was Josh phoning to let me know whether or not he has to work on Easter, but if that's the case, I'm sure he'll email me whenever he's done. If it wasn't, well, I'm glad I came up here when I did then. I hardly plan on staying up here the rest of the night, but I came up here because I didn't want to listen to Adam laughing at whatever he was watching all afternoon, and it was the best choice given the circumstances.

I mean, I do believe it's wrong for me to go around feeling depressed because of the stuff that I outlined in that friends-only entry I posted yesterday night, but at the same time, I wish I could do something for him. I plan on sending them a card as soon as I'm able to verify their address (I think it's this, but I'm not entirely sure), but that still feels so... meaningless...

But in order to not have to make this entire entry friends-only again, some other stuff:

[1] I think I'm going to have to send FedEx the other copy of that money order too :\ I'm pretty sure Dad got the one in question from the post office, but because I'm used to getting them at the bank, I tore off the top copy, stuffed it in the envelope, and sealed it. Only a day or so after did I look at the other copy, and see stuff that it wouldn't make sense to have on the sender's copy. So feh. I guess I'll be walking to work on Monday night, and stopping by 7-11 for a stamp again. I hate money-related problems.

[2] Sent you another reply, Hawk, but I'll still probably add you to my MSN / Pidgin later on tonight. To be fair to anyone interested though, my current MSN address can be seen here. "Current" because it's a throwaway address. I was originally using it to have various emails get redirected to my real email address, but then decided to use it as an MSN one too, so yeah. It's subject to change at any time, and it's already been disabled (I can't log into it, at least, which means that I'll probably end up changing it soon unless that problem gets fixed), so bear that in mind :3

[3] Sort-of new desktop. Specifically the Rainlendar / calendar along the right, and the (now) more-compactness of Firefox. It saves a whole bunch of space being able to have the tabs along the side, having the RSS feeds "faviconized" like that, and being able to remove the status bar, in favor of an extension that displays the URL of whatever link you hover over in a tooltip. Sadly enough, it took me about an hour to get those things working the way I wanted (;_;), but aside from a couple possible minor changes, it might stay that way for more than a month :3 Oh, and "thesheepmarket.com", just because I thought it looked interesting.

I've been thinking about going to 7-11 for a little bit though, so I might as well before it gets too late ^^;

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