Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Why Wait 'till Tomorrow?

Why is it that whenever I think about work tonight, I think I'm closing with Ange? That's tomorrow, and I have Tuesday off, except for going to Heart and Stroke, so even if we end up not getting out of there 'till 2, that's fine with me. All I care about doing after we close (when the store is messy, at least) is going to the back to get my PSP, then listening to whatever music while cleaning things up. Tonight's slightly different, however, in that I work one more shift after it, and I'm not sure who else is closing :\ But meh. That can wait for now.

Anyways, I plan on mailing the other copy of that money order out on the way to work tonight, so hopefully they'll still take it, but it's annoying. I was reading the other stuff that came with the invoice, and one part of it said that the reason I got it was because they had covered the fees themselves, and now wanted to be reimbursed for that. Yes, customs fees. I'd much rather be able to pay the fees for something with cash (like I did with the second tail I got from SPark), than have the delivery company cover them, and only later request payment back, in methods that I can't use.

Also, new "publicons" along the right hand side of the screen there (if you can see them) added a couple more from the site, and made a few myself (specifically, "mspaint", "SSB: Brawl", adding the word "Live" to "Livejournal", and "Snowleopard"), so yeah :3 I emailed them the "Furry" one a while back, because to my understanding, you were supposed to be able to submit your own, but maybe they expect you to pay for that or something, hence the "Sponsored Icons" section. Feh. On a completely unnecessary note though, as opposed to just using the "<center>" tag, I actually typed "<div align="center">". Yay~

But with that, back to Smash Bros. again. I'm almost done the "Brawl x number of times on this stage" things for the Collection, and I'm not sure what to do next...

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