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Must be Nice (x4, I think)

When I came home last night, Naomi immediately came to me saying she was having problems with her laptop. Namely, once again, connecting to our wireless connection (that sounds so redundant, but saying "Wireless Internet" would be sort of improper). She said she'd already tried using System Restore (that's what I told her to use when she ran into those CIS popups again, even though she had the removal programs installed), and also that the blue light by her wireless switch would no longer light up. So first of all, problem with the switch? Quite possible, as far as I can tell.

However, not wanting to try to figure out the problem at the moment, I told her to try the most recent restore point *before* the one she used the first time, went into my room, and after about 10 minutes, someone started knocking on my door, which lasted for, oh, ten minutes :s

But then I went to sleep, and woke up around noon having to go to the bathroom. However, Naomi was in the one right across the hallway from my room, so I asked Mom if I could use hers, and on the way out, she asked me if I was going back to bed, because if I wasn't, she wanted me to take a look at Naomi's computer. I said I was going back to sleep though, then woke up three or so hours later, walked out of my room, and the first thing Naomi asked me was "What's the password for the wireless internet?" So yes. Her old one is apparently getting "fixed", which is in quotes because it's on the table behind me here :x The new one has Vista on it, too, so it's inevitable that sooner or later she's going to come to me asking why such and such a program won't work :\

So once again, work at 8 tonight, with Ange and Karen, which'll likely see me walking home again. Then once I get home, I'll have to do dishes, unless I get them done right after writing this, and then I have to be in bed by 6, for going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow.

I think that's going to be all for now though. There are a couple other things I'm doing here at the same time, and I'd really like to get those dishes done before I leave as well~