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They're So Polite :3

The text underneath the rim of my Tim Hortons cup told me to "Please Play Again". That likely won't happen, but there was something funny (as in amusing funny) about what Karen said about them earlier tonight. Her and Ange got a couple drinks from there, and when she (Karen) finished hers, she proceeded to roll the whole rim up, get a disappointed look on her face, throw the cup in the garbage, and ask me if I knew why she rolled the whole thing. Told her no, and she said something about her "cousin's uncle" or some other obscure relative doing the same, and finding the picture of the truck on the side opposite from the "Please Play Again" text. Sounds like the same thing everyone said in public school: "My uncle works at / owns this popular place" (the one time I remember it getting told to me, it was the Wild Zone :x), or "This relative of mine you'll never end up meeting owns all this cool stuff that I just know you would die to get at".

And a couple random facts as well.

[1] My Permatabs extension has just up and stopped working again, which may be because I presently have 24 tabs open, but interestingly enough, the only two tabs I'd made permanent (one on my GMail, one on my LJ) are still colored the same :s
[2] I need a(nother) chair up here. There's one right now, but all those fur throws and my giant tail are presently on it ;_; By the end of the month though, I might have a solution to that problem, so we'll have to see.

Like I've said a couple times recently, Hawk and I have been having a conversation back and forth via email, but in order to try to make it so it's not so centered on me, some thoughts and the like from where we are so far. The main thing of concern is as follows:

"So what I was sort of getting at was the fact that I would not want to do all that driving for one night. Plus I was thinking it would give you a bit of a vacation from home and you could quite potentially let some of the furriness out for a while ^_^. As well, there might be something of interest to do around here... you never know, and I think you know at least one person locally since you made it here so you could always visit them too."

You know this already, Hawk, but like I said in reply, that "person" is squnq, and I would absolutely love to do something like that. My only problem(s) with it are a) figuring out how to get down there (thus far, the idea of going by train is the only thing I've thought of), b) when it would be (the weekend seems to make more sense, seeing as that's when the furmeets are now, and c) what sort of somethings "of interest" there would be there. If it ends up being on the weekend, there'd be the furmeet, and as crazy as it sounds, something else just came to mind. Like I think I said already, Josh is moving back up to London this summer, to go back to college, so once again, depending on when it is, there might even be the chance of finding him (assuming it's not too far away) and saying "Hi". Hmm...

But also, the subject of furry cons has been brought up, and like I said in reply (again), I'd at least like to go to one. I don't know when, but it wouldn't be this year, and unless they'd actually accept your health card and birth certificate to cross the border, there's about a 50% chance of it happening next year. I took a look at this site earlier this afternoon, and for now, I'm stuck on getting either a copy of my birth certificate, or proof of Canadian Citizenship, as well as somewhere to get the picture taken, and references / guarantor. There's also the problem of figuring out my height and weight, but that shouldn't be as difficult.

I'd still much rather prefer to go with the first one for now though. I ended up bringing my footpaws downstairs with me when I woke up today, and put them on with the intention to tell whomever that my feet were cold, if they should ask why I had them on. It's not much, but it's a start to "getting the furriness out" ^^ I'm currently thinking about setting some money aside to get (hand)paws and a head though. The only problem with the head is that it'd seem to be the most important part of a fursuit (partial or not), and aside from the couple pictures I have for userpics, I don't know what I'd want it to look like :\

I was just thinking about those things all night at work, so as opposed to not saying anything, and ultimately deciding that it's not worth all the fuss, I might as well go over how things are right now, so I can look at it again in a couple weeks and see what's changed.

As for other things, closing tonight went remarkably well, and as I sort of expected from the beginning, Ange was more or less in a pleasant mood for the entire night. The dining room was closed ten minutes early, as was the whole store, which is alright, I guess. Next time I work with her is Friday, from 8 - close, but that's alright, because we'll be getting paid time and a half :3

Anyways, I don't have to be to sleep for another couple hours (technically), but I think I've covered the most important stuff for now, so I'm going to move down to my bottom bunk again, and see about tidying up some of these tabs~

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