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Where is Everyone?

Unless Mom's up and forgotten again (quite possible, considering it's happened before), she agreed to give me a ride to Heart and Stroke at 2 when I asked her yesterday. However, I just woke up and came down here, and I swear I'm the only one in this house. Normally Dad's at least in the living room working on his stuff, so it's strange.

The only thing of note is that there's a rather large box on the kitchen table containing Naomi's old laptop. So I suppose that makes sense. Send in the one you have to get fixed (or replaced, possibly), but as opposed to asking to use the computer down here in the interim, you either go out and buy another one, or (more likely) have Mom buy it for you on the condition that it'll be getting returned and refunded when your old one gets back to you.

And also, before I went to sleep last night, I was going over closing at work, because I could've sworn there was something I forgot, and I finally remembered. I left the little side of cup I was using to scoop the beef in the carryover pan :s I suppose that's negligible though.

There we go. They're back. Mom and Dad, at least.

But before I leave (I can hear Mom knocking on my door upstairs asking me if I'm going to Heart and Stroke at 2 :p), if you're online tonight, Hawk, perhaps we can talk about this whole visit-to-London thing in a bit more detail then. Talking about it in the email is fine, but like I said in my previous entry, I feel really awkward having it centered around what I want to do lately, as well as that it'd be alot quicker to do it the other way ^^;

With that though, I'm off. At least upstairs before Mom starts knocking on my door again~