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More Weird Dreams

One involved Wocky (from Apollo Justice) and a pink unicorn named "Corny" (I am being completely honest here :s) that looked more or less like this one does, except pink, obviously. I can't remember the specific details, but it first "appeared" behind him, and I pointed it out, which he didn't seem that interested in (he got a look on his face like the smug grin he gives at times in the game), then turned around, said said something like "Corny! <3" and ran over to it :p

The other one involved a scene from Smash Bros. that I'm pretty sure isn't in the actual game, where Peach grabs some sort of parachute thing (that's really small), and uses it to glide over and break through a window to finish the level. Apparently it was something you, as the player, were supposed to do as well, so I restarted that section, and actually physically pushed her out of the way, so I could get the thing first. Jumped off the platform, and landed just before the window, but in front of a door, realizing that *Naomi* (apparently they changed) would make a big fuss if I left without her having her way, so I put the parachute on a box next to me, and walked out the door (what's the point to breaking through a window if there's an open door right in front of you?), and found myself on our back porch :3

And otherwise, going to Heart and Stroke at 1, 'till ~4 again, then working 8 to close tonight, with Steve, at least. I actually have one thing to look forward to going to work for (aside from getting our pay stubs, but that doesn't happen this week anyways), but it'll probably end up being just a regular night otherwise~

And meh. I really should get going. I think that's all I wanted to write for now anyways :3