Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Was Careless

I ended up being on drive through last night, which would've been alright, if it weren't for two things. One being that my till was $11 short at the end of the night. Leeann, Cindy L, and Steve all touched it as well as me, so I'm not sure what to think right now :\ I had brought along some money to go to Tim Hortons on the way home though, so with that, and a toonie Steve said a customer left out in the dining room, I was able to pay it there. I wasn't able to get anything on the way home, unfortunately, but maybe tonight :3

And also both Cindys were on line for the first part of the night, which eventually saw Steve telling customers at front cash "It'll probably be about ten minutes." I told him that under the circumstances, there should be no need for anyone to be waiting that long, as his response was "Well I'm just trying to give them enough time to make the orders. That was when I volunteered to go on line for a bit, and within ~5 minutes, the orders were down to much more acceptable times. And then at the end of the night (well, from midnight on, to be technical), I got put back on line, but didn't get to start taking things down 'till we closed. Feh.

Josh's getting suspended was only for one day as well, apparently. I think it was Cindy L. that said something last night like "This is worse than what Josh got sent home for!", in reference to the pile of garbage bags and cardboard at the back. Why Karen saw the need to complain about it is still a mystery, but maybe I'll find something more out tonight :p

But also, I booked those three days in April off, so now, it's more or less just waiting :3 I was messing around with Google Maps when I got home though, and once again decided to look for directions from the train station to the apartment. Apparently it's an 11 minute drive, at 5.5KM distance :\ If what I'm thinking is right, that'd turn out to be an hour (maybe more, maybe less) to walk, which would be manageable (I had to walk to St. Clair a couple times, even though it's a bit shorter), but maybe there are buses running in between there or something. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself with that though, so enough of that for now. It seems like a long way to go, but as long as I know where to go, and have music to listen to along the way (that's what my PSP is for~), I'm usually fine.

Anyways, on to the stuff I was going to write about yesterday, before I had to leave for work:

[1] No word back from FedEx yet, and it's now the end of the week, so I'm going to assume they were able to take that money order. Speaking of which, I'm expecting several things next week <3 I'm not sure about that R4DS yet, because my payment hasn't even cleared, but I did receive an order confirmation email from them, so... *shrug*

[2] Why doesn't this work? I have the following around the contents of my profile:

<div style="border: red 5px dotted;" align="center"> [profile stuff here] </div>

The align="center" thing works fine, but the border doesn't appear :\ I just tried doing the same thing in this entry here, for the LJ-Cut text (I don't like how it blends in with the rest of the entry), and it works absolutely fine :s It's not a terribly big deal (there are other ways around it, even if one of those ways involves putting tables back into it), but it's still weird.

[3] I can't even eat cheese and crackers now ;_; Like I said, I had wanted to go to Tim Hortons on the way home last night, but I needed the money for something else, so when I got home, I sliced exactly 6 pieces of cheese, put them on crackers, then went upstairs and ate them, followed by going to sleep. I woke up about five hours later with terrible pains coming from my stomach, which didn't subside 'till I went and sat in the bathroom for a good ten minutes :s Feh. Tonight it's going to be Tim Hortons or 7-11. At least assuming I can find a nice way to tell Ange "We can't give you a ride home tonight."

[4] I now have 33 tabs open. Yay for Vertigo :x Maybe I'll have to see about closing some after I post this. Actually, I'm going to reply to that email before that. But first, I think I should go grab my footpaws. My feet are getting rather cold, and Dad's actually here today (Good Friday, thus he doesn't have to work), so it'll be interesting to see if he has anything to say :3

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