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I Don't Get It

It snowed yesterday evening / night, which made it nice walking to work, and when I got there, I found out I was getting put on drive through again, which went more or less fine this time. Two customers, however, felt the need to point at the roofs of their vehicles and ask me "Did you order this [expletive here]?" No, I didn't and you've got a car / van to drive around in (whereas I walked to and home from work), so I don't see why you're complaining.

But then other highlights of the night included one lady driving off after I gave her her drink, then she made the whole line back up just so she could come back and get her food, when all she needed to do was get out of her car :\

And also, around 2:30, Ange asked me if I wanted to leave at 3 (I heard her tell Manoah earlier in the night that she'd probably be letting me go then, because all the dishes were caught up), or stay to close and get a ride. For one, I planned on walking home before I even started walking there. Two, I don't feel like going all around town with you guys and inhaling god only knows how much smoke :s Of course, I just told her "We'll see what things are like at 3", and left then anyways, which reminds me: I still have several pies up in the bag in my room :s I should probably go grab those before they dry out too much~