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That Could've Been Better, But it Was Mostly Alright

Starting with a fun dream I had shortly before I woke up.

It started in a place that looked sort of like Food Basics (I think) over on St. Clair, except instead of a grocery store, it was sort of like an auction house. You could walk up and down the aisles looking for stuff you wanted, and each and every item had a number on it. Those numbers corresponded to numbers on the checkout lanes, where all the sellers for the items were located. I found two things that looked interesting (a piece of furry art and a (larger than normal) Garfield book), which were both numbered "99" (or so I think), so I took them up to the 99th checkout :s There was a lady there that looked sort of like Yvonne from Heart and stroke, so I handed the items to her, and she looked them over, to make sure they were in good condition, I guess. She flipped through the book first, and I just managed to catch a glimpse of what looked like sheet music on the inside of the back cover, then she picked up the furry picture, and asked "Who's this for?" I told her "Someone I know that will like it", when I might as well have just said "Me!", but then I woke up ;_;

Interestingly enough, I woke up having to go to the bathroom, but before I could even get out of bed, Mom knocked on my door to tell me we had to leave in 15 minutes, and I reached down to turn my DS alarm off less than a minute before it would've started beeping. Fine timing :p Oaks Inn was alright, but there was really nothing memorable about it aside from that I only drank three glasses of orange juice, and yet I've been in and out of my room four times now to use the bathroom. Maybe it'll stop soon :x

But otherwise, I'm going to finish writing this, then either see about replying to Hawk's email, or possibly just go back to bed. It's already 5 in the afternoon though, so it's getting rather late to do that :\ I slept for about seven and a half hours, but I still feel sort of tired. I do have the night off though, so meh. We'll see what happens. First though, another cut involving stuff from work last night.

It started off being quite slow, which was unexpected but still nice. I was on line, as expected, with Manoah on drive through, and Josh C. helping when he wasn't doing other stuff. Unfortunately, he and I were on line together shortly before bar rush started, and he suddenly left, saying he'd be back in a minute. 5 minutes later he walks up on line again, wearing his jacket and looking like he's going somewhere, then walks down to drive through, hands Manoah a slip of paper and says "If you need a ride home, you can call me", then says "See ya", and walks out!

Bar rush ended up being, well, normal, in that we ran out of rice, bean, and beef (right at 3:00 there), except Manoah utterly refused to tell customers we were out of rice, on the grounds that "They're drunk, and they won't know the difference." Once that ended though, I started taking hot line down, and eventually got around to taking a bunch of dishes to the back where, surprise surprise, Josh C. was helping Manoah wash them. I appreciate that he may really have been not feeling well (that's what Steve said, at least), but to go home right before bar rush starts, and come back once it ends (about a full hour) seems a bit suspicious. I got a ride home from him though, so I shouldn't be complaining quite as much, but... feh.

Josh is done at 6 tonight too, so I wouldn't be surprised if he stops here on his way home, but I'm up here in my room, and I have no intent to come out :p Check that. He's pounding on my door right now -_-; "Wakey wakey" and such. Apparently they think I'm asleep. I know it might be a bit mean, but I would get up if I didn't already know I'm closing with him on Tuesday night. Oh well~

I guess I'll at least start writing that reply now :3

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