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So I'm just laying in bed, having a nice, restful sleep, right? Well, Mom comes up and starts yelling at me until I wake up, then when I asked her what she wanted, she said something about "Josh's Mom wants to know if you can start work at 5 instead of 9 tonight." First of all, I suppose it's good that she called, because I couldn't remember for the life of me whether I had to be in at 8 or 9. However, that's not what I said at the time. It was more along the lines of "I REALLY DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW!", because I'd just been woken up to see if I could start work earlier, and we all love that, don't we? Mom just said something about "Well, no matter what you want to do, you'll still have to call her back", meanwhile, I'm just thinking to myself "I'm saying no by not calling her back. She needs to get out of this habit of calling someone all the time."

Honestly, starting at 5 does make a hell of a lot more sense than starting at 9, because then I'd be working a nice rounded 8 hour shift, as opposed to a mere 4 hour one, but if it's one thing you can do to guarantee I won't want to come in early is call while I'm fast asleep.

So yeah, it's 4:30 right now, and one would hope she's tried calling and found someone else to come in. I don't know why she even needs someone, seeing as it's a Sunday, and it's not going to be ridiculously busy, but that's her own problem, I guess. Even if she did call again, all my clothes (save for a pair of shorts) are in the dryer, and they're not going to be done that quickly :3

As far as work tonight, I believe me, Kevin, and Glenda are working, so that probably means I'll be on drive through, but if I do end up starting at 9, it'll only be for 3 hours, and that I can manage. If we get a chance I want to show him the Taco Hell movies as well. He said something about already having burned them to a DVD (he's the one that actually recorded them in the first place), but it'd be fun to both be able to watch them together, because I have questions about a couple parts. Mainly something involving "jello butt", but you had to have watched the second part to know what I'm talking about :p

Tomorrow I'm on from 9 to close again, and with any luck, Shelia won't be working. Her schedule is really strange as well. For the next week (Wednesday to Tuesday, for some odd reason), all her hours are marked in as "v". I assume it stands for "vacation", because she's been talking an awful lot about some cruise she's going on lately, but if that's the case, just write "no" in. That means you're not working, and you can't be called in. We don't want / need to know why you can't work, and generally we don't want to know. After tomorrow, I've got two days off, then I'm back to close on Thursday, close on Friday, and work a 4-12 shift on Saturday. I've been thinking about Saturday, and I guess that if whoever's the closing manager did ask me to stay, I would on the condition that I'd be going back to wash dishes and do other stuff at the back. Oh, and that I'd be leaving at 4. A 12 hour shift is plenty enough for me, thank you.

Oh, and in other news, there's now one week left until the official release of the Wii :o I didn't preorder it or anything, because the guys at EB Games said they weren't taking them, which turned out to be a lie (they opened their doors for one day, apparently), so it's going to be interesting trying to get one before the end of the month. By the end of the year though? Oh for sure. Tales of the Abyss is like the last game I bought that I really wanted to play. Not to say that videogames are becoming boring or anything, but there's nothing fresh and new and exciting available right now :\

Hmm. The phone just rung for the second time in the past 10 minutes, and it's just a couple minutes before 5. Conincidence? I hope not. It's bad enough that she tries to call people in every day, but she'd be crossing the line if she called, didn't get a definitive answer, and assumed it was a "yes" anyways.

For now though, I'm off to check my laundry, as I've been sitting here in nothing but a pair of shorts with my blankets draped over me ever since I started writing this, and Adam's due home pretty soon as well.

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