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Another One >:3

This time the SSID is "dlink". Yay. Same default password as before, but the settings page looks different. Meh. I suppose it's a good thing, really. Should our wireless ever stop working for some reason, I know there are two I can fall back on~

Sort of eventful night otherwise though. After Adam got home from work, he asked me if I was going to Uncle Brent and Aunt Carol's with him on the 19th, and I asked him what he was talking about. It'd be nice if Mom or Dad let me know about these things (I could ask Aunt Carol or Uncle Brent directly, but I don't know either of their email addresses, and it'd be a bit awkward asking them "So when are we having our next family get-together thing?"

Anyways, when Dad called to get picked up from work, I went along, to book that day off (which brings my count of days I actually need off up to four now (normally it's rare for me to even have one a month) :s), but that'll be fun anyways. Go up there and come back on the same day (and watch - if she comes, Naomi will bring her laptop, guaranteed), wait a couple days, then be heading to London to, well, like I posted before "Let some of the furriness out" ^^ Speaking of which though, like I said in the email, Hawk, I'd definitely like it more to get picked up by you (I'm sure we could find *something* to talk about (we can't have exhausted everything already :p)), but what about getting back? I could just assume that won't be a problem as well, but I'd rather get an answer from you, than jump to conclusions and end up wondering what I'm going to do come that Tuesday :x

And otherwise, I'm tidying up my room right now, and trying to find a better place to put my tails at the same time. They used to be on my top bunk before, as I've said at least a couple times, but that same place has become somewhere I now do whatever I feel like when I don't want to be downstairs or asleep.

Back to cleaning though. This was originally just supposed to be about the router / access point and trip, and I plan on leaving it at that before I write too much more~

Edit: One more thing, actually. I couldn't help but smile when I read this :3 Might not exactly be a stupid customer related thing, but it definitely belongs there anyways. Now I'm going to bed.

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