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My God. I'm writing this from where I volunteer, okay? I have a program installed that minimizes programs to the system tray, so I'll be less likely to get in trouble for doing stuff I'm not supposed to. Said program can completely hide the icon from the tray if you so desire that. Once that's done, it's impossible to get back. I did that with Firefox, when I had nearly 2000 words typed out. FFS!

Anyways, I'm pissed. Acmlm's Board has been deleted, because Xkeeper doesn't take the time to think how people will be affected by what he does. It's not his board, and yet he hacks the thing constantly, and what do most of the staff members do? Shurg him off! I'm sorry if I'm overreacting, but it's infuriating. As things stand now, I've got to find a new board to post at (I'll likely head over to Nintendo's, as I'm already registered there), just because someone didn't know when to take a break. Oh, and if you want to see what's left of the board (if you can even say that), click here. Note that there's some text you can't normally see, since it's black. Nothing more than an error message, but still a remnant of one of the greatest boards that I've posted at so far.

On a more sad note, I was in the middle of doing Transanity in StepMania last night, when my sister came running down the stairs. To quote her "Don't make any plans for Saturday. We've got another funeral to attend". The reason she said "another" is that we were at another funeral just last weekend, for our Grandpa. According to Josh, who was there watching me at the time "bad things like that come in threes". I wonder if that'll hold true or not.

Next I got a job today. At Taco Bell. I'd rather not work at a fast-food place, but it's better than nothing. Especially seeing as the head manager doesn't want me to give up my volunteering. I'm glad for that because we don't have a connection to the internet at home, and thus, I can only download stuff here. I have to go in tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., and I believe I have to stay until 5:00. I was to go in on Saturday as well, but that's the day we have to attend a funeral, so I can't. The thing is, there are so many questions and such that I'm still in the dark about. Given it's my first day tomorrow, I suppose it's fair to assume that I'll get ample time to ask those questions. I need the money though. Back when another uncle of ours died, he left several children, and other family members a $2000 cash bequest. I used that to buy a Nintendo DS, a boatload of games for it, Gamecube, and GBA, quite a bit of food, a donation to Heart and Stroke, and other things I can't remember right now. I also want to buy a PSP, but I haven't nearly enough money to do so. Same thing goes for the Revolution. I'm a game nut, if it wasn't already obvious.

Back to the negative stuff now. Me and my brother were supposed to go grocery shopping with our Mom tonight after supper, so around 7:00. However, I got a call from her this afternoon, to say that Naomi (my sister) had come home early, and since she rarely got a chance to go grocery shopping, they would go themselves. First of all, she's still in high school, but she works at Gospel Text for her co-op class. She's left early before, using the excuse that she wasn't feeling well. Where did she go when she left the store? If you thought "home", you're wrong. She went to the Teen Centre. Note that when she goes there normally, she uses the computers to chat on MSN. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out why she went there when she should've been working. Anyways, before my Mom hung up, I asked her why Naomi came home early, and she wouldn't tell me. All she said was that is was not because she was sick.

That's all I can say for now though, as my parents are here to pick me up.

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