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Lesson learned: if it seems a bit different than what I thought it was before, then make sure to double-check. Needless to say, we're going to Wingham on the 19th, and I'm going to London from the 27th to 29th. Although it *would* be interesting to have it on the 20th :p I like things the way they are now though, because if what I'm thinking is right, one of our pay days coming up is April 24th, so then I won't need to worry about money. I'm not right now, but meh.

In other news though, Naomi dropped her (new) laptop on the floor earlier tonight. It's not broken, but the corner is slightly bent up, so of course, the first thing she asked me when I got home was "Can you take a look at it?" I did, and told her Dad would probably have a better idea of how to fix it, then went in my room, and played Avernum 5 for a bit. About 5 minutes later, I hear her say something like "Can I ask you a question?", but she quickly went back in her room, and another 5 or so minutes after that, she started knocking on my door. I still don't know what she wanted, but I'm sure she'll ask as soon as I walk out of my room tomorrow.

Also though, I originally thought she was sending her old one off to get fixed, and once she got it back, she'd be returning the new one. Apparently not though. Mom was making up some chart to keep track of what she (Naomi) had to give them per month (for gas, etc.), and one of the items on the list was "Pay off laptop". I guess she's keeping the new one too :s

As for work, it started out busy, then died down around 11. We did a food swap with Dominos, which was nice, and also, some lady came through drive through, and said she had a present (at least from what Cindy told me). She pulled up to the window, asked how many of us were working, gave us three cans of Red Bull, and drove off. Fun :3

Anyways, there's a new email I need to reply to now (it involves one of those things I've wanted to get for a while), so I should do that, then I'm going back to Avernum 5~

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