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A Third One?

There was yet another envelope from FedEx on the kitchen counter for me. This time, they've returned the proper copy of the money order, explaining that they need an invoice number with it too ;_; Mom's dropping Dad off at work right now though, and I have the stuff ready to go. Just need an envelope and a stamp.

Because I can't think of anything else to write first though...
[1] A family came in around ~9, and ordered about $40 worth of food, all of which had beans instead of meat. After they'd eaten, some lady came up to the counter and asked for a copy of her receipt, and proceeded to half complain / half ask why it cost so much more than another Taco Bell she went to before. Umm... we don't make the prices. You have the receipt right in front of you, so if there are any charges you're concerned with, ask one of us, and we'll explain what it means or why it's there. And then as they were leaving, the father asked for one more nachos and cheese, and upon getting his change back, asked "Can I get American quarters instead?" If there were any in this till, sure, but I'm not going all the way down to drive through just for that.

[2] Shortly after I started, a lady and her kids (presumably) came through drive through, and ordered two family packs, with all the tacos made supreme (cost her an extra $14 just for that :x, as well as a Mexican Pizza, and four apple pies. Upon getting up to the window, I told her we only had two, and she agreed to take those, but asked how much longer it'd take for the other two to get made. Told her 10 minutes, to which she said "Oh, okay", and turned away. A good seven or eight minutes later, the order is finally finished, and as I was handing it out, she said "Those other two pies could've been made by now!" For one, no they couldn't. And two, you ordered ~$55 worth of food, and Cindy and Eric aren't the fastest on line. Besides, you're the only one in the drive through, so have some patience.

[3] We're getting another new item, but (most likely) getting rid of the cheesy beefy melt first. That's fine, there weren't / aren't any special ingredients, so we can still make them for ourselves if we want :3 Anyways, the new thing is a "Club Chalupa". Has chicken, bacon (seriously), "club sauce", lettuce, three cheese, and tomatoes. Popular belief right now is that the club sauce is this "avocado ranch" stuff that's replaced the lime sauce we used to have. It probably is, because I don't see why they'd just arbitrarily decide to change sauces when there's no need for it.

[4] Josh C. quit. Yesterday, apparently. That sort of sucks, because I liked working with him, but at the same time, he only closed on weekends, and I usually close Monday through Thursday. We're going to have at least one new closer on soon though, and another that just recently got hired, but I'm not sure what shifts they plan on having him work yet. Ryan and Stephen. "Newbies" can be fun~

[5] I've already said it, but Karen's been suspended for a week, and the details of that have finally all been uncovered. She was running her mouth, like I already said, but also, from what Cindy L. was telling me, talking about her behind her back, about things that had no relevance whatsoever to work. Private things, as I understand it. And also she was complaining about Josh being more concerned with is laptop than his work, but I agree with that bit. So whatever. I'll see her probably next week sometime, so it'll be interesting to see if her attitude has changed any.

[6] Michelle is now back, as a closing manager, for now. I work with her, Steve, and Manoah tomorrow night, and I already told Steve I'd volunteer to be on drive through, because I don't want to have a repeat of last Saturday :\ And then of course, Josh told me I'd be going back to my usual five closes followed by two days off, but the new schedule went up last night, and I'm working shifts along the lines of (from Sunday on) closing, having Monday off, closing again, having Wednesday night off, closing on Thursday, working a 5 - 11 supper shift on Friday (Manoah's supposed to close though, so it wouldn't surprise me if he asks if I want to switch tomorrow), then having Saturday night off. I don't care what shifts I'm given, as long as I make at least $400, and, like I told Josh, I get those days off in April.

[7] So much for just a couple things, huh? I hope this is the last one though. I think pretty much everyone I work with regularly understands that no matter what I'm on / doing, if I want help, I'll ask for it. Well, in some cases (such as Steve), if they think I need help, they'll ask me, and I'll tell them either yes or no. Not Josh though. There was quite a pile of dishes to be done last night, and I obviously got stuck on drive through. Eryn was there 'till midnight though, and apparently he told her to help me with them. No. Eventually though, he (Josh) took the headset to give me a chance to have more time to do them, but not before sending me to the bank to get money so he could buy the American change that was in my till, and also because he wanted stuff from Tim Hortons. That worked out though, because he told me I could get something if I wanted too, which ended up being one of those 99 cent walnut brownies. They're alright :3

I might actually go to Tim Hortons tonight. Although I seem to be making a habit of that lately. If I walk home from work, I'll stop by 7-11. When I have a night off, I'll go out and get something to eat. The latter's fine, I guess, but I really should try to keep the 7-11 thing down to once or twice a week, at most. Mainly because we just got paid, right? I withdrew $60 from my account yesterday night, planning to use $10 to get my hair cut (we're going on April 1st), and to give the rest to Mom for gas money. But then I learned that Dad paid for our income taxes or something to be done, so I, at least, owe him ~$76. I still have enough in my account, per se, but it's not helping towards saving more :s

Anyways though, I think that'll be it for now, because I want to play Avernum 5 for a bit. And maybe I'll write more of my reply to that email after~

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