Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Nice to Have Remembered Now

I said in my previous entry that I had to give Dad some money since he paid for our income taxes to be done. That's fine. The papers and stuff actually got taken in today (sort of last-minute), so I figured everything was taken care of except for paying Dad back. Sort of, I guess.

After some digging around in a box of important papers I have under my bed, I found the two receipts from those donations I made to Heart and Stroke. One for $160, the other for $1,000 :s So of course, Mom just got back from picking Dad up, and I showed them to her. What does she say? "Well, hang on to them, because you can use them next year, and they're good for up to five years after they're made". You said the same thing a year ago, except without the last bit.

Anyways, they've gone off to take Becky home now, and when they get back, I'm going to Tim Hortons. I could go now, but I'd at least like someone to know where I'm going. And then after that, I'm probably going to head upstairs for the rest of the night, because I can just as easily do what I've been doing down here all afternoon up there, and that aforementioned box of papers needs to be cleaned out anyways (I have copies of money orders in there for stuff I've long since recieved - even the one for the first tail I got from SPark, I think :s)

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