Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Apparently it's My Fault (Once Again)

The Wireless Zero Config service on Dad's laptop keeps stopping. The startup type is set to "Automatic", so I don't see why, but like the title says, that is, according to him, my fault. So I fixed the problem, and the first thing he launched into was a long explanation, which I stopped before he said too much. He firmly believes that it's a problem with the modem (although amusingly enough, he keeps calling it a router :p), so maybe next time it happens I should just say "Restart your computer". Although after a quick search, opening the command prompt and typing "sc start wzcsvc" should (re)start the service. If only I thought he could remember that :s

Anyways, I'm rather tired right now, but I'm leaving for work in a couple minutes, so hopefully the walk there will give me a bit more energy. Slept from 6 - 2, which should be enough sleep, but meh. And then tomorrow, I'm working 8 to close again, followed by Monday night off, and then we're going to get our hair cut Tuesday morning. Combine that with that we'll be going grocery shopping Thursday afternoon as well, and it looks like the only day I'll be going to Heart and Stroke this week is Wednesday. Although there's a slight chance of going Thursday too, I guess, but it doesn't seem very likely right now.

... Mom and Dad just got back from going out for supper, yes? Despite the fact that my bag of stuff for work is on the chair right next to me, they still felt the need to ask "Are you walking?" No. I'm just going to magically appear there. Yay for being irritable~

Ten minutes to go though, so I think I'm going to try finding a new visual style to use in the meantime :3

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