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Power Outages Suck

Was asleep for all of three hours, when I woke up thinking it sounded unusually quiet. Save, of course, for a couple guys outside talking about the lights (and eventually saying "There it is" just as it came back on). Now I'm going back to sleep again, and hopefully there aren't any more... "interruptions" ;_;

Oh, but first, the obligatory: day off today, so I'm going to sleep for however, long I feel like, just so long as I can still be upstairs in bed again by 5. Beat Avernum 5 before I went to bed, but the end was sort of disappointing. Now I plan on going back through all the cities and cleaning them out. I can't decide whether I fought for the good or bad side the first time, so I might as well see what else there is to be had before starting a new game.

Eventually, at least~