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April 1st....

So far I've seen Dodo, Custom Time, Virgle, and Flying Penguins. And then tonight, if we decide to go through with it, whoever's on drive through is going to tell customers we're out of lettuce or taco shells or tacos altogether or something :p The only problem there is that it'd really only be able to go 'till midnight, but meh. We're only open for another hour at most after that.

But yeah. I'm obviously up this early to go to Heart and Stroke. The cats are alot more affectionate than they usually are (possibly because Naomi's at work, so they can't get any attention from her). Then I'll be walking to work later, and probably back home, unless it ends up raining like it did on Sunday night, but I hope not.

In other news, I'm now stuck waiting for my R4DS and those ears again. I'm still in no position to rush her on the latter (if it gets to be a year without having seen them, maybe I'll start getting a bit impatient), but for the R4DS, either it's on the way here, and should show up next week, or I have to wait 'till they have them back in stock. Meh.

I can't think of anything else I want to write though, because there's some guy in the radio in the background droning on about an April Fools' day joke that was played on him. Feh.