Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Should've Known...

Went to bed around 4, and by the time I decided to get up again, it was noon. I figured I'd be better off just going to Heart and Stroke from 1 to 4, and possibly get done up to row 1000 with the extra hour, but I don't know now. Mom has some thing involving her work going on this morning, and called about 10 minutes ago to say (guess) that it was going longer than expected. So for right now... feh. I'll just leave at 1 and walk there. I only wonder if she'll realize that's where I am, and pick me up at 4 so we can go get groceries...

Or I could optionally just go back upstairs for another hour, but there isn't anything I want to do here right now. Wrote up my whole reply to that email before I went to sleep, and that was really the only pressing thing :\ Yeah... I might as well just do that.

In other news, nothing, really. Had a chat with Zaz before I went to bed too, and all I learned was that he "fakes being offline" :p Unfortunately, by the time I remembered I wanted to ask him what the "<3" yesterday morning was for, he was actually offline. Oh well.

And this guy on the radio (the same one that was droning on yesterday) is getting irritating now, so I might as well just leave and save myself some trouble~

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