Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Should be Done In Time

I meant to do my laundry when I got home last night, but forgot, so it's down there right now (uniform included :s), but it's only 2, and I don't have to leave 'till 4 at earliest, so it should be done. Closing yesterday wasn't bad, but I'm still glad I have tomorrow off :3 After that though, I work, as predicted, another 5 closing shifts (8 - close, as usual), have Friday off, but work Saturday, although that probably has something to do with my wanting the Friday and Saturday of the next week off. Meh~

And also, P2P receipting should be done by the end of next week, possibly into the first part of next. Well, the main part, at least. There's still at least 15 problems that I'm going to have to get either Julie or Michele to help me with (they range from names not being the same on both spreadsheets to one I ran into yesterday, where an unused kit had an amount of $251 next to it :x), but those can wait for now. Oh, and for my reference, Chatham08. Otherwise I'll probably forget it :p

So I'm most likely walking to work, and possibly home as well. I think I already said I asked Steve the other night if I'd be on front cash, and he said yes, but last time I asked him such a thing other than that, it was if I'd be on drive through the last Saturday close I worked, and once again he said yes, but Manoah ended up doing it.

I think my clothes are ready to be put in the dryer though~

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