Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Such Time Consuming Tasks

I've just spent most of the night doing two things. One was trying to figure out how to disable the menu bar in explorer.exe (the "File, Edit, View, etc." bar), which involved much registry editing :s At first I'd found one key that, when deleted, removed said bar, but the start menu stopped working. Then there was another thing involving the "ITBar" value which didn't work either. Finally, I went back to another site I'd taken a look at earlier in the night, and found a comment further down the page about said option being available in Styler. Guess which program I'm using for visual styles? :s And for what it's worth, this is all I was really going for. Specifically where the address bar and other stuff would normally be. I still have to look into disabling the icons in the upper-left of the window, but apparently that has to be done on a program-by-program basis, and that sounds like it could be alot of work ;_; Maybe not once I figure out how to do that (something involving ResHacker, I'm sure), but that's not quite as important right now.

Also though, there were a bunch of interesting-looking files I found at another site that I downloaded, only to go back to them later and find that they were all wrong. It's a bad example, but say you try to download a text file containing the number "1", but the one you got said "2". Sort of like that. Of course, the URL for said files is just a PHP script, so I couldn't go back and find the specific ones I'd wanted. I got a few back, but there's one in particular I couldn't find. Meh :x Maybe next time I'm bored enough to refresh the same page ~200 times. Barring that, I have one other idea, but like the above, I'm not worried about that at the moment :p

Otherwise, I'm tired, and I'm going to bed soon, which is fun, because other than spending ~1 hour downstairs when I woke up, and a couple other times to find something to eat or whatever, I've been in my room the entire day. I know I had the night off, but it still seems so... wasteful. Feh.

Time for sleep though. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to figure out that icon thing, but we'll have to see~

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