Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Apparently it's a (Very) Bad Thing

Someone from work tried to call me in last night. Don't know who specifically, but I just came downstairs, and it was the first thing I heard from Dad. I suppose they might (heaven forbid) yell at me tonight when I go in there. Feh. I assume it was Michelle, because most everyone else seems to understand that I don't like being called in on my days off. Now, had I known they called last night before now, I *might* have gone in, just to do dishes and prep, because I was rather bored. Then again, they did call last weekend too, but oh well. So tonight, I'll probably be getting a ride there, but I do plan on walking home, and hopefully I won't go to 7-11 this time :s There are more muffins to be made though, so provided Adam's gone to bed, I'll probably just have a couple of those.

And also this week, if I'm lucky, my R4DS will show up. I remembered the other night though that I didn't buy the package with the microSD card, but according to Staples' site, a 2GB one can be had for ~$50, which doesn't sound too bad.

Otherwise, I'm bored again, so I'm going to go into the kitchen and see if I can't find something to eat~

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