Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just a Couple Things

[1] Nothing for me today, which is half good, half bad. It's good because I haven't seen anything else from FedEx saying "You sent us the wrong stuff", but I still plan on giving them 'till the end of the month before I throw out those papers. And then it's bad because, like I said in my previous entry, I'm hoping to see my R4DS this week, but it *is* only Monday, so yeah. Well, technically there are those ears, too, but chances are I'll just wait 'till the end before doing anything about those as well.

[2] I'm thinking of, tomorrow, going to Heart and Stroke from 2 - 5 again, and on Wednesday 'till 5 if necessary as well. Unless I'm grossly underestimating things, the main part will only take a couple days (at most) to finish, and unless Michele and / or Julie are both gone when I get that done, *or* I end up just deciding to head home once it's finished (unlikely, but...), I'll be able to see about going right into fixing some of the problems. From what Michele was saying last time I was in, Jacques still has more amounts to put in, and there were some blank spaces here and there in the spreadsheet, but not a whole lot.

[3] As strange as it sounds, my fan moves while I'm asleep :s Apparently putting it on the highest speed makes it vibrate enough that it slowly pushes itself back :p So for now, I've settled to putting a shirt underneath of it, which should work fine. Of course, as I recall it being last summer, it got hot enough outside that I could barely feel it even when it was on the highest setting. Maybe I'll be able to move it a bit closer to my bed this time though...

[4] Closing with Josh and Cindy tonight, which means that I'll most likely be on drive through. But I was 'till 11 yesterday night too, so feh, I guess. I'd walk home tonight too if I didn't already think Josh'd insist on giving me a ride. Yesterday night was nice, because I went the "long" way (quotes because according to Google Maps, it's only a 2 minute (driving) difference), and took my time as opposed to just trying to get home as quickly as possible. Next time I need to go that way, I need to figure out how long it takes me to get home. I assume it's less than an hour, but once I can be sure that it is, I might start walking there that way from time to time too. The way things are right now when I walk, I leave an hour early, get there in 20 minutes, get some food, change into my uniform, and wait 'till my shift starts. That's fine, sure, but not only is buying food every single time a waste of money, but it's also negating any possible benefit I might gain from walking there :\

Otherwise, yesterday night was pretty slow, and we closed half an hour early again (:x), but it was weird. I felt tired, and I could swear I was doing things alot slower than normal, but it felt like it took me at least a half hour to get line cleaned up, when it was really only 20 minutes. Some nights, it's just nice to be able to do things at your own pace though.

And that's fun :3 Josh just called, and wanted to "Ask a favor of me". He lost his wallet, and needs $10 for gas. So I think I'll walk to work tonight. Mom's not going to understand, but oh well ^^

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