Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Taco Bell. Not McDonalds or a Pet Store

^ title. (it's obviously work related, but I don't like starting entries with a cut, so feh).

As I figured, I was on drive through, which went alright, because it wasn't very busy. However, I had one lady come through, who, right at the end of her order mumbled something that sounded like "chocolate milk", so I asked her if she wanted one. Then she said "No, a chocolate milkshake", which was quickly followed by "Oh, well then... I'll just take what I have, I guess." Won't be the first time, unfortunately :s

Then later on, another lady asked me at the window if we had dog treats. Explained that the closest we had were cinnamon twists (and that's only because we've given one or two to customers who had dogs in their vehicles (one or two twists - not whole bags) in the past), and she just said "Oh, okay."

There was also one more who asked for three soft tacos with "extra sour cream", who said something like "And don't charge me a dollar for that either". She ended up paying $2.10 for it, then asked at the window why her order was so expensive, so I told her, and offered to show her the receipt, but she just said "No no, that's fine. It's my kids that think it's expensive", followed by her turning to them, saying something, turning back to me again, saying "Actually, I'm being embarrassing", then she turned to them again, and all I could make out there was "You kids should get paying jobs so you can buy it yourself." Well said :p

Walking there was nice though, and at best, it takes me an extra five minutes to go the other way, so feh. A change of scenery is always nice, and if things go as expected, I'll be trying a different route involving Sandys and McNaughton eventually. My only concern is getting to work in time, and as long as I'm there ~10 minutes before my shift starts, I'm happy~

As for other things, I'm making more muffins right now :3 This time, I put peanut butter in them, so hopefully they'll taste alright. I should probably go check on my laundry then head upstairs though. All I really wanted to write about for now was that work stuff, so maybe I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow afternoon~

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