Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Should be Mostly Done Tomorrow

And by "Mostly", I mean the only thing(s) there will be left to do is input amounts as the remaining kits are brought in.

That problem that I thought was going to be difficult to figure out turned out to not be quite as much, but it's still strange. There's one receipt book (538144, I think) right now that's assigned to both Chatham and Thamesville. It was actually used in Chatham, but it was still part of the remaining group when I tried to assign the receipts I needed for Thamesville :s Anyways though, I left a note on Michele's desk saying that I'd be in at 2 tomorrow, because apparently Julie's only there every so often now (I can't remember exactly what I was told, but she's not on any specific schedule, I guess), and she's the only other one that might have an idea of how to fix some of the problems. Well, there's Jacques too, I suppose, but I'm not sure when he's in next either.

In all though, I'm just glad it'll be done before we go to Wingham and I go to London. And then next year, I might just see about making 2 - 5 when I go, in instead of 12 - 4. Or perhaps I'll just talk to Michele about that tomorrow...

Anyways, it's 5, and I don't have to leave 'till 7 (I think I'm going to walk again), but I might as well find something else to do in the mean time~

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