Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Five Days :s

The new schedule is up at work. Going by what's on it right now, I have tomorrow off, then close Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, then have Tuesday through Saturday off :x The first thing I thought when I saw that was "Wow. My next pay is going to suck". I ended up getting there much earlier than I thought I would, so I went to the bank to get money for Mom and Dad, and found that I only need another ~$200 to bring my balance up to $7,000. I have about $45 on my dresser (more if I count all the change I've got locked away) though, so hopefully that'll be enough to last 'till the Thursday after next.

As for work, it started out extremely busy (the dining room was full when I walked in), but things ended up slowing down, and we got out of there in decent time. Amazingly though, I didn't touch line for the whole night. First I was on front cash / dining room, then I was frying, then I was doing other random cleanup. Fun~

Then I walked home (yes, in the rain), and turning the corner onto Wellington, saw two police cars parked right next to each other, then some other guy walked out from between the cars, over to the sewer grate, and reached down and grabbed something. Then they pulled away, but a third cop, who had been up the street talking to a couple girls that were out asked me where I was going, and where I'd come from. It's quite convenient to be able to point to the house right in front of you and say "There" :3

Oh, and if you happen to see this before then Hawk (or Cola), once again, have fun at FCN ^^ I promise I won't say it again after this, but then again, there won't really be need to, so meh.

And I think that Paypal dispute has been taken care of. Someone from Digimartz responded to say that they'd checked with Paypal once again, and found that the payment *had* cleared, so I should close the dispute, and they'd ship my order / provide a tracking number "accordingly". Hopefully that works out, because if it doesn't, I'll be out $70 :\ I have a feeling I'll be getting a "How did I do" type email from "Ruth" seeing as I did last time I had to contact them, but I'm not quite so worried about that.

Anyways, I'm still rather hungry, so I'm going to go get crackers and cheese or peanut butter or something~

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