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Hopefully the Final Reply

"Thank you very much for closing the dispute to us.

So your order will be shipped out tomorrow from our China warehouse, an email with all shipping details also will be sent to you accordingly. We hope that you can receive it very soon, thanks for keeping in touch with us and your patience as well.

Tomorrow's Saturday. Will it *really* still be getting shipped then? I wonder... But whatever the case, hopefully I have it before the end of the month. Looking back at the "Order Confirmation" email, the shipping is specified as "Express Parcel (EMS, DHL, TNT and Fedex) (3 - 5 business days delivery with a tracking number)", so maybe... I recognize "EMS" from this, and it was here in about a week, so hopefully the same will happen this second time.

And so tonight I'm not doing anything in particular. Don't have to work, no intention of going to 7-11 or wherever later (I want to save the money I have right now for next weekend), and the only thing of interest I'm doing outside of writing this entry is replying to that email. I don't know why I keep referring to it that way, but meh. Well, there's another thing I might end up doing later, but I'm not quite sure about yet. Especially considering that just looking at the weather now, there's a tornado warning ;_;

Feh. It's already 4, so I might as well go downstairs, at least. I can't wait 'till Sunday~