Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Back to This Again...

I can get to sleep just fine, but any number of hours after I do, I wake up sneezing, which lasts for long enough to wake me up completely :\ It does stop eventually, and I'm able to go back to sleep, but it's annoying.

While I'm talking about sleeping though, a dream I had:

I was looking at the schedule at work when it started, just to make sure I still had the days off that I had before, and saw one Sunday shift where I'd been written in for 11 - 1. Angry that they'd change it after the schedule was posted, I wiped it off (it was just written in dry-erase marker), and went up front to ask someone, who I think was Steve, about it.

He said that they needed to talk to me about something, so of course, from then on, all I could think was "What did I do?"

But then things switched to where I was actually working that shift, where I was at the back washing dishes. Warren came up to me, and said "It's time", turned around, and waved his finger at me to indicate that I should follow him. We walked up into the middle, where one of the tables was pulled away from the wall, so you could see all the stuff on the floor underneath, so I figured I was going to be told to clean it up. I wasn't.

He said something about how there were two things that needed to stay under the table, and proceeded to shove a small pan full of some light green stuff up against the wall, as well as a box of garbage bags, then said something else about how a new employee that had worked with me before had mentioned that I didn't rotate the torts at all on that shift. I think I told him that I'd make sure they got done in the future, and he went on to say that the same employee told them I put too much cheese on cheesy beefy melts, to which I said I understood, and started trying to think of who that employee could be.

And then I woke up :s

As for work yesterday night, it was busy, and we ended up turning a couple customers away at 3, but we were still out of there by quarter to. I had planned on walking home, but combining that my clothes were still wet from walking there, and that I was rather tired, I just got a ride from Michelle. Ange and Cindy are the other two closers tonight though, so I may then :3

Today is the last day we're selling cheesy beefy melts too. Those club chalupas start tomorrow, and according to the list at the back, I've already had my free one because Josh made it for me and I never ate it. Feh. If things go as I expect them to, I may end up heading up there sometime on Friday to check my schedule, so I might try one then.

I'll probably end up going to Tim Hortons sometime this coming week, despite what I originally decided as well. Season 6 of Home Improvement is finally done downloading (it took a week and five days), so I'll make a night out watching a few of those, and besides, that place is alot less expensive than 7-11.

I know there's something else I want to write about, but I can't place what, so I'll leave it at that for now :\ It's about time I left for work anyways~

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