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Will I Regret This?

Hopefully not, but I've just sent an email off to Kari. Assuming he's still using the same address that I sent the last one too. I'll admit that it was from a different email address though. "samakister@gmail.com", where the "samaki" part comes from a certain story I read a while back and absolutely loved <3 I'm not sure what he'll have to say, if he replies at all though, but we'll see, I guess.

Speaking of emails, I also disabled that sound GMail Notifier makes when you get a new one, because it was getting really stressful. I'd hear it, and my thoughts would instantly turn to "Who is it, and what do they want?" Most of the time it's a reply I'm expecting, but I don't like the sound any more because of it. Pardon my inflections too, but I can't make them as strong as I'd like in here.

I had planned on going to Tim Hortons tonight, but I think I'm going to save all that money for the weekend instead. We'll probably be going to McDonalds for breakfast in the morning, so I'll need at least 5 or 6 dollars for that, and it wouldn't be a fun trip if we didn't stop by a service center on the way there and back ^^; Although as I recall, last time we went anywhere, Dad refused to stop on the way home, because he didn't want to run out of gas or something :s And besides, I'm not going out for a walk at 11 at night. If Michele wants me to come in tomorrow, maybe I'll walk home, and head by there on the way to grab something(s).

This entry might be coming across as unusually energetic and happy, but it's strange. Like I said in that email to Kari, it's as if things have come full circle from when I started talking to him, and I'm not sure what's going to happen next...