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How Strange

I sleep for all of an hour and a half, and I have this weird dream about Dad and I having plans to go down to the lake to go swimming or something, but the weather ends up being bad, so I instead opt to spend my time in some building nearby that felt oddly familiar. Last time we took a vacation as a family, we went to Sauble Beach for about a week, and the building I stayed in in the dream seemed like an exact copy of one of the rooms from the "cottage" we stayed at.

Then there was another one earlier this morning, involving this big "0" shaped racetrack type thing, that all these huge circular vehicles were on. Each one was the width of the "track", divided into (I want to say) 8 equal sections, where each section had a guy with a light inside. Presumably it was some sort of construction plant or something, but said vehicles would run the length of the track, slowly rotating, so the men inside could inspect the track and other such things for problems. They presumably finally finished that though, because suddenly I was up on the roof with a bunch of other men and women. Except the "roof" was like a smooth asphalt driveway or whatever's similar to that. Some lady was there too that seemed to be the one in charge, and started flipping through some book, looking for something, and I started thinking we were going to sing.

Dreams are weird :s