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Two Nights in a Row

Michelle just called, and wanted to know if I could come in and close, because there's only two of them working tonight. The first question I asked her was "How soon would you need me to come in?" I mean, if I'm getting called, I'm definitely taking the opportunity to walk there. She said "As soon as possible", because it's apparently been busy since 4, and I was about to tell her "Well, I'll come in at 9, but then the thought of more than likely getting put on line and having to make who knows how many more of those chalupas crossed my mind. I'm not sure what our next promotion is going to be, but at this point, I'd be thrilled to have it even be a grilled item (perhaps those Chicken Caesar Grilled Stuft Burritos again) :\

And also, that's what I get for staying in my room all afternoon again. Mom apparently made hamburgers (minus the bun :s) for supper, and there were still three left when I came back down here, so I stuck one of them in the microwave, then turned around, and happened to notice an envelope that looked suspiciously like the one I received a check in a little while back. It's obviously to do with Income Tax, because there's a note on the back that specifically says it. Amount? A (paltry) $71.54. I included that word in brackets because Adam apparently got ~$1,000 back :x Although perhaps that has something to do with the fact that he tithes, despite that he (to my knowledge) hasn't been to church since that Carols by Candlelight thing at Christmas. I'm sure he'll put the money to *ahem* good use though :p

I'm still happy with what I got, because assuming things continue at this rate, I'll be starting towards $8,000 the pay after next. And speaking of things in the mail, the status on my R4DS is currently "Despatch from Sorting Center". At exactly 11:02:46 tonight. I'd wonder what was going on, if I didn't know that it was coming from China ^^;

I think I will be going to Tim Hortons tonight, given the above development(s), but that can still wait 'till 9. It's going to be nice getting out and taking a walk too, seeing as I haven't left this house since I got home from work Tuesday morning :x

Anyways, I'd started playing Guitar Hero III when I came down here, and Adam's still not using his 360, so I'm going back to that for now~