Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Not That Difficult ;_;

A couple friends of Adam's are having difficulties with their computer. One's trying to run Vista Home Basic with 512MB of RAM (doable, according to the system requirements for that version, but I'd imagine it's not pretty), and the other simply wants to know how to make their computer faster. He asked me what he should tell them to do.

Friend 1 (Vista)
Buy more RAM? Install XP if you can? I was going to tell him to give her a link to directions on how to adjust the pagefile size (I can see that giving a bit of improvement, if nothing else), but before I could, he said "No, nevermind." Funny story involving that though. I like to call it "Positive (Re)Affirmation via Registry Editing" :p I tried to demonstrate what directions he should give her to find out how much RAM she has installed by right-clicking on the "My Computer" icon, and going to "Properties". I was quickly reminded that a long time ago, I'd fiddled around with a couple entries in the registry, in order to make the "Registered to" section say "Karadur" [newline] "is a furry" ^^; Really an "I didn't expect that to be there..." moment.

Friend 2 (Make things faster)
I told him to tell her to download CCleaner. That was followed by having to tell them the specific URL to type in, which link to click, which link to click again on the new page that loaded, then to click "Run" instead of "Save", then to open the program, then to click "Analyze", then to click "Run Cleaner". I'm assuming she installed IMVU fine, seeing as that's what he talks to them with, so she can't be *that* computer illiterate :s That was followed by explaining several times that they could also download Auslogics' two defragmenting programs. One for the registry, the other for the hard drive itself. Three more times of giving the specific names of the programs, I told him that if she couldn't find it, she should search on Google, and left :x

Also: I talk way too much. At least that's what I think 6 entries in a single day says ^^ Well 5, really, but I posted a private one earlier. It's nothing bad. Just... reflecting on all that's happened since Friday.

Before I head back upstairs for the rest of the night though, another strange thing. There was an ambulance outside Kent Manor for at least 15 minutes earlier tonight. It was still there when I left for Tim Hortons, and as I was crossing over the Lacroix St. bridge (I'm not sure if that particular section is actually Lacroix, but feh to the details), an ambulance went driving past me. I wonder if it was the same one...?

Anyways, yeah. Back to my room I go~

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