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Where the MFF Thing Stands...

It's not quite as definite as it was before, to say anything. I still would like to go, but my main problem is with getting a passport. I know originally I had said "Hey, I can get by with just my birth certificate and health card. Awesome", but once again, I'm not so sure that's a good idea :s

What I need right now is to find somebody to be my guarantor, and two references.

I plan on asking Dad and / or Mom tomorrow if they have passports, because apparently your guarantor is supposed to either have one that's valid, or one that's been expired for less than a year. If one of them does, awesome, but if they don't, maybe I can ask Josh. Remember how last summer he had to get his passport for the vacation he was taking / wedding he was going to with his family? Yeah. Should I end up needing to ask him though, I hope he'll say "Yes" :\

The references aren't quite as big of a deal, but still, it's amusing (in a disturbing sort of way), that I can't really think of anyone that's known me for at least two years that I still see somewhat regularly. I mean, I've thought of Michele and Shelia so far, and if Dad or Mom have passports, then I could use Josh, but otherwise, I'm not sure. Coworkers *are* a possibility, but I don't really know them outside of work, and the same thing goes for them of me.


Anyways, I might as well head up to Taco Bell now. I plan on taking a different way there so I can see if it's a feasible route for taking when I'm actually walking there for a shift, but if that doesn't work out, meh. That's not a big deal~


I think you would have a wonderful time. Sounds like your passport would be fairly easy to attain. Hope to see you there. ^^
*shrug* I'm just still uncertain if everyone would say "Yes, that's fine". I need to figure out the guarantor thing first thing though (obviously), which I'll hopefully be able to do tomorrow :3