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Maybe I Shouldn't Have Looked :s

Alternately titled "Curiosity Killed the Cat Makes Kitty Sad ;_;"

My schedule for next week is as follows:

Sunday: 8 - close
Monday: 8 - close
Tuesday: 8 - close
Wednesday: 5 - 10
Thursday: ? - close (more than likely 8 though)
Friday: 4 - 12
Saturday: 4 - 12
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off

As well, according to Michelle, Steve, *and* Joe it has been really busy lately. I suppose I should be glad for two things though, one being that I work supper shifts on Friday and Saturday, and two being that I don't have to close Saturday night :s There are a couple bad things about that (one being that I have to work seven days in a row), but I'm trying not to think about those :x

As for the walking thing, I'm going to assume it took me about a half hour. I left at quarter to 9, and according to what Steve said when I got there, it was "Twenty-one-oh-six", and I can't have gotten there in the same amount of time it takes me to if I go the direct way.

And now, I'm going upstairs to have a shower, and (try to) get to sleep somewhat early. I had planned on being by 11, but midnight should still be fine.