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Weird Dreams and Wasting Gas

Good God. Now I even have dreams about getting called in :x About 11 this morning, I was upstairs laying in bed, sleeping. I was having a dream where we were out in Wingham again, visiting my Uncle. We were all gathered around in the log cabin doing something or other, when I heard a phone ring. I don't know what went on for the first part of the conversation, but I gathered that it was someone trying to call me in to work, and then I felt glad that I knew I couldn't possibly go in. Then suddenly I'm holding the phone in my hand, talking to Josh, and he said something like "So... my Mom will be there in... about..." I thought he was talking about Shelia actually coming to Wingham to get me, but then I realized that wouldn't be very possible, seeing as it's at least 4 hours away from Chatham. Next thing I knew though, she walks in the cabin, and says "Come on. We have to go!" That was followed by a muddle of stuff I can't remember, and next thing I knew, we were standing out by her car, and I finally worked up the nerve to tell her "No. I just can't go in today." Then my alarm clock woke me up :p

Strange dreams FTW :D

So as for today though, I slept 'till about quarter after 4, then went downstairs, did random stuff on the computer 'till 5, then asked Mom if we could go to the bank then out to EB Games. She said "yes" so I grabbed my bank book, and we were off. I withdrew $150. Right away, my parents got $40 of it for gas money, seeing as my last pay was something like $411, and I usually just round it off. After that, when I got back into the van, she said that she needed to pick Adam up from work at 6, so I suggested that we might as well wait for him to be done, because he'd probably want to go up to EB Games as well. That didn't happen though, so we went straight out there. After some looking around, I got a power cord for my DS Lite, Children of Mana, and a PS1 memory card. Ran me $65 in all, so I've still got about $45 left in the envelope in my pocket. I'm considering heading up to 7-11 or maybe even Sobeys as soon as I get done writing this.

We went to Arbys for supper, as a reward of sorts for Naomi because she got good grades in one of her classes. That's really funny. How we're so desperate as to stoop to bribery for that sort of thing. Oh well. Mom paid, so it's not my problem.

There is something about getting out there that really bothered me though. I just spent the better part of two hours making a little map in mspaint as well, just to show you what happened. Here's the map:

Beautiful, isn't it? :p I know it's incredibly disproportionate (especially along the left hand side), but it gets the job done. So anyways, here's what happened. At first I thought that it was going to be me, Adam, Naomi, and Mom going out for supper, because Dad had some other thing to go to. I assumed it was somewhere along the way to Arbys, and that way it made sense that we'd be dropping him off on the way. No though. Steps:

  1. We left the house (1), and made our way to Home Hardware (2). The easiest route would've been to turn left on Lacroix, then just go along Richmond all the way, but that didn't happen. We ended up going to the right, and following the nice curvy path there. Note that the brown bit in the middle of the map is a path that can only be traveled on foot / by bike.
  2. We waited there for 5 minutes or so for Adam to show up, then we made our way all the way back to Dad's meeting place (3) and dropped him off. Waste. Of. Gas.
  3. From there, we went back to the house (1) to drop Adam off, because he didn't want to go with us for supper, then all the way up to Arbys (4).
  4. After we'd finished at Arbys, we stopped by the house again (1), because Mom and Naomi were going to Harveys (5), to pick up food for Dad.

Yeah. Dad was driving, so I don't know what he was thinking. If I'd been in his position, I'd've been dropped off first, then gone and picked up Adam, gone to Arbys (even if he didn't want to come along, he would be anyways), then back to the house to drop off whoever wanted to be, then to Harveys to get the other food. That makes quite a bit more sense. Too late to change anything now, but still...

Moving on, Jerome called earlier this evening. Wanted to know if I'd be able to take one of his shifts next week. I couldn't see any reason to say no, so now he's taken my close on Wednesday, and I've taken his on Thursday. A 9-4 shift, which isn't bad, especially seeing as he took a shift for me as well.

Anyways, I'm off to get food right now. It seems that Arbys didn't fill me up :s


My God. That was quite possibly the longest I've ever had to wait in line there. I ended up heading to Sobeys, so I browsed through the aisles a bit, and settled on a couple cartons of Fruitopia, a pack of pepperoni sticks, and a thing of chocolate-covered peanuts. Now if I can only discipline myself enough to not have them gone by the end of the night :x As for the wait, it was bad. First of all, the two guys in front of me each had totals that were over $100. Not only did they only have one lane open, but they also only had one person working it, so she had to not only ring the stuff through, but also bag it. Finally, just as I was able to pay her, some other guy comes up and opens another lane -_- Meh. There were quite a few people behind me, so I suppose they appreciated it.

For now though, I think I'm going to watch a random Police Academy movie, because I haven't touched those in some time. After that, I might play Final Fantasy VII for a bit, seeing as I now have a memory card for it, but, as per the usual, we'll have to wait and see.

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