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I Do Not Like Being Up This Early :s

It's now or never though (regarding the stuff I posted in that "Where the MFF Things Stands..." entry). Although there's a chance that even if both Dad, Mom, and Josh are unable to be my guarantor, Shelia *might* be able to. After all, she'd have had to have her passport for that vacation / wedding thing too, right?

Anyways, I'd better get up, as opposed to sitting here writing this, because I'm not sure specifically what time they *want* to leave :p

Today should be fun ^^

Edit: It's sort of funny. Last time we went on one of these trips, I literally brought along a shoebox filled with all my DS games, the power cord for both my PSP and DS, and several bags of candy. This time, I'm bringing my DS and PSP, Tic-Tacs container with three DS games in it (Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, and Picross DS), my debit card, and $30 in cash. Oh, and a couple other items too, but they go with me *everywhere* Yay for taking hardly as much the second time, although I really need to see if Mom has a Tylenol I can take, because I'm starting to get a headache :x

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