Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Let's Try This Again

Got a reply from Josh that says the following:

"gotta be a doctor a lawyer or some sort of gov't approved thingy, i had ended up using my sisters dad lol"

When I first read that, I went here, and read the page completely for any sign of that, and, not seeing anything, IMed Cola to see if he had to find somebody who was government approved when he applied. However, he was "Away" then, and still is now, so I did a bit more searching, and came across this. He applied for his last summer, so that wouldn't have been in effect yet.

The next problem was "Well, he needed a passport to go to Mexico, and I just want one to get into the states. Is that still the same type of passport?" I can't find anything on the "Official" site to say yes or no, but after a bit more searching, found this. Specifically, the "What documentation do I need to enter Mexico?" question. It does appear that in both cases, you'd need the same type of passport.

The problem after that was "Does my guarantor have to be a family member, or somebody that resides at the same address as me?" The second last paragraph at the first link I posted seems to say something, but still, things like "Reba's" first post here make me hope that's not the case :\

That stuff aside though, Josh called earlier, wanting me to start at 5. I'm really not looking forward to having to go to work tonight in the first place :s That week off certainly has something to do with the reluctance though, so hopefully after tonight and tomorrow, I'll be back into the "swing of things" again.

Anyways though, I should post this, because the longer it sits here, the more unnecessary some of the stuff becomes :x

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