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What I speak of:

ye ye ok ya you bum ill be ur grrrrantur :P now read that gibberish!

The reply I sent him got ROT-13'd, after which I told him to "read *that* gibberish!" :p I did give him a hint, which was to go to rot13.com though, so hopefully he's able to read it~

But that's good :3 I sent Michele an email too to let her know I wouldn't be able to come in this Wednesday, but that I could on Tuesday or Thursday if she needed me, as well as asking her if I could use her as a reference on the application, so hopefully she'll say "Yes".

Also, it is half an hour. Took that longer way home tonight, which was a nice change (I've been taking the main roads thus far for safety, but the side roads are alot better for just being able to be by yourself and have time to think about whatever (at least in my case)). I left at 1:15, and got home at 1:45, so tomorrow night, I'll try walking that way there and see what happens. On the topic of work as well, that week I just had off will apparently be affecting the pay after next, so that's another good thing there. Not when you consider that said pay is the first one of the month, but otherwise it is.

One bad thing about work though would be that I opened the time off book to may planning to write my name in for the 19th, and found that it was already completely booked off :\ It *is* a holiday, yes, but perhaps just trying for going to the furmeet again next month would be a better idea...

Oh, and to Cola: that "*wave*" was supposed to mean. "I'm leaving for work. I know it likely doesn't make a huge difference to you seeing as we stopped talking about ten minutes ago, but I left the chat window open, so I figured I'd say it." I know it's alot to say in a single word though, so maybe I'll be slightly more specific next time. If I needed to get your attention, I would've said "*poke*", or possibly "*jab*" or "*shove*" depending on how long I'd been waiting ^^; Just because you said it though, "Hey" back~

Anyways, it's only 4 right now, so I'm going back downstairs to see about finding something to eat, then I'm sure I'll figure out something to do afterwards :3

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