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I was IMed that link by Zaz yesterday morning (except it had his email address before it), and upon clicking it was greeted with a site asking me to log in with my MSN username and password. At the time I figured "No, this doesn't sound like something I'd be interested in", so I sent him an email to ask what it was about (he was offline, and I wasn't sure if he was just faking it, or really was), and received a reply from him this morning: "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T CLICK IT." I'll spare you the long explanation of what it was, only because the comments here explain it quite nicely. Even though I am using a throwaway address, I'd still rather not fall for something like that :s

"Have any of us ever had passports?" Such a simple question that I could not so much as bring myself to ask Mom or Dad on Saturday. The answer was what I expected though. No, we don't, and never have. But that's one of the harder parts out of the way. Now I can just ask her "Well, I was looking online, and you need either your birth certificate or Canadian citizenship certificate to get one, so could I have mine?" And as for that "When did we move here?" question, the answer was "December, 1988". Really puts things in perspective to think that we've been living here for almost twenty years now :p

The things I still need are as follows:

[1] A second reference (hopefully I'll be able to get a lead on that tonight)
[2] My weight. I have not seen a scale since we went to get our flu shots, and that walking to work has had a bit of the desired effect, so I'd like to think I weigh at least a bit less than I did then.
[3] My birth certificate, and some of the information on it
[4] Mom's maiden name. I think it's "Bowyer" (that was our Grandma's last name), but I'll ask her at the same time I ask for my birth certificate, just to make sure

Pretty much the same in terms of how easy it'll be able to get them, where 1 is the most difficult.

So tonight, I'm closing with Ange and Cindy, as far as I know. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but it is Monday night, so hopefully it'll be slow. Wednesday, however, I work my first supper shift of this week, after which I plan on heading up to Shoppers, followed by going home a completely different way (the longest stretch will be along Victoria), and I'll be stopping by 7-11 on the way. I haven't been there in a while, so why not ^^

I had the weird one shortly before waking up Saturday morning, and it involved finally getting my R4DS. Adam took the box at first, teasing me that he was going to take it, but I told him I paid for it with my own money, and he eventually gave it to me. Opened up the box, and the first thing I saw was a red cassette tape. What it had to do with anything I don't know, but I noticed the tape side was facing up, and I figured that might damage it, so I flipped it over, then my DS alarm started going off and woke me up :s

The other one happened just last night, and involved me walking out of the house, making sure all the lights were off, doors were closed, and other stuff like that was taken care of as I went along. By the time I got out to the front hallway, I had the distinct feeling that someone or something was after me, and it was all I could do to stop for a little bit just to make sure I didn't forget anything, flip the last light switch, and run out :x

There are dishes to be done before I leave for work though, so I might as well wash those, lest I end up having to do them when I get home again~

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