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Your item was handed over to Customs(CANADA TORONTO-A) at 2008-04-21 16:32:00

Said item is obviously my R4DS. I suppose if not tomorrow though, definitely by the end of the week, so meh. I still have to buy a microSD card, so it's a good thing we get paid on Thursday. And speaking of Thursday, I think I might just head up to EB Games to get Okami then :\ That and possibly Mario Kart Wii if they have it. Yes, I was originally hoping to get next week, but I don't think they're open on Sunday, and I would not be able to bring myself to say "Hey, can we go to EB Games?" on the Monday.

Per the usual as of late though, more passport-getting related stuff: Shelia has agreed to be my second reference. At least according to Josh. So instead of leaving for work at 7 tomorrow, I'll be walking to his house to get the information I need from her, then getting a ride to Taco Bell with him, because he closes, and has to start at 8 as well. Also, as I was leaving for work tonight, Mom said she'd slip my birth certificate underneath my door, and it was indeed there when I got home, so I've got the information I needed from it now, but I'm pretty sure I still need to send the actual birth certificate itself in with the passport application.

Getting the pictures taken is something I haven't thought a whole lot about yet, but I don't have anything immediate going on tomorrow afternoon, so I might head up to the mall around 1 or 2 and see if they require an appointment to do them. "They" being Sears, because they're really the only ones I can think of right now :s

Ideally, I'd like to have everything taken care of, and have the application sent off by the end of the week, but we'll see what happens.

There is still one question remaining in my mind though. Are they going to scrutinize the application as one might if they were considering hiring someone for a job, or is it just a matter of "As long as everything is in check, you'll be fine"?

Oh, and look at this. No appointment necessary, huh? Good to know. It looks like I will be going tomorrow afternoon...

Hopefully I am able to have that finished by Friday, because I need to find something else to write about other than just it :s I might as well call it a night for now though, because I am quite tired. Here's hoping things go as planned tomorrow~

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