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If Someone Needs to Leave a Message, WRITE IT DOWN

^ what I wish I told Mom and Dad.

Just went downstairs to put my clothes in the dryer, and on the way down, Dad said something about how Josh had a message for me, so before I went back upstairs, I asked him what it was, and he said "Actually, ask your Mom. She probably remembers it better than I do." So I came up here and asked Mom. She told me to a) ask Dad, and b) call Josh to see what he wanted. I asked her one "Just... what did he want?", and she said something about how he wanted me to start at 5 or 10 or something and close.


He wants me to, instead of starting at 5, close again tonight. Or at least that'd be my best guess. Is there something so severely wrong with just wanting / being able to work the shifts your scheduled for? Heaven forbid they end up calling me Friday or Saturday night to ask the same thing :\ And besides, yesterday night's close went on long enough, and for the third night in a row, I started on drive through, but by the end of the night was taking line down. I think Michelle knew I wasn't very happy (Karen was steaming, and thus should've at least taken cold line down at the appropriate time, but she just... umm... stood there, or, as I was told on the way home, kept bothering Michelle about going home early), but we made it out of there by quarter to, so... *shrug* I just really (really) don't like trying my hardest to get the dishes caught up during the rest of the night, just to have to, once they're done, start on somebody else's job. I'm all for helping, but that's on the strict condition that I'm not the only one doing the work.

And then I got to bed around 6, but I woke up at noon, and it's 12:30 right now. I'd like to get going on that other stuff at 2 this afternoon, so until then, hopefully I can get back to sleep for another hour (and half, maybe) :s

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