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"You Printed Your Signature!"

Yeah, I did. I never thought such a thing could cause such a fuss either. The guy had to call the passport office, ask them if it was alright, come back up front and ask if I had anything else with my signature on it (I gave him my health card, followed by having to explain that my signature was on the *front*), followed by him giving me a small lecture about the difference between writing and printing, having to fill out a couple more things (writing the words "Single", and "No" in two different places on the application), after which he didn't have anything else to fuss about, and filled out his stuff. I overheard him on the phone too, saying something like "I've seen old people do it, but never something like this". All I could think was "Excuse me? I've printed my signature for as long as I can remember, so I don't see what the big deal is. I have my Health Card right in front of me, as well as the two pictures I scanned of it yesterday night and signed. What proof more do you want that this is how I've signed for ages?" :\

And that all happened *after* going to Taco Bell and getting Josh to fill out the guarantor part of it, where he wrote some wrong numbers and had to white them out as a result. Had I known that was considered altering the application, I would've asked him to initial it right then and there, but no ;_; I have to go all the way over to the post office, have them tell me "He needs to initial this, because he changed it", but first I had to go home to get my Health Card, then back to Taco Bell again, then to the post office once more, and I ended up walking halfway home from there because Mom left to take Dad to work without telling me where she was going :s

But the main point is my passport application has been sent off (and I'm out $108 as a result too ;_;), so now I'm just waiting. Got what I needed at Shoppers and the bank as well, but that's less-urgent, so for now, my main concerns are going to work, then to 7-11 when I get done there. Oh, and we're going out for supper tomorrow too, which is going to be nice ^^

And yeah, they did want me to close, but I told Earl "Yes, I can close, but I don't want to", and Josh "I am going to start at 5. If *I* think they need me after ten, I'll stay, but I'm not making any promises." For what it's worth, Michelle called in sick, which is funny, because she seemed absolutely fine yesterday night.

Anyways though, I need to get my stuff ready for work, and head out in about ten minutes, so this is done. Maybe tomorrow things will be back to normal :3

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