Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Supper Shift Down

To start, something directed specifically to Cola, because he was offline at the time I wrote this, so I couldn't ask him then: what time do you plan on being here on Sunday? 3 in the afternoon got brought up the other time I asked you, and that's fine with me, but I'd like to make sure we're both agreed on the time :3 It's just that with those supper shifts I have coming up on Friday and Saturday, I probably won't talk to you then, so I might as well ask you now. I might still poke you on MSN tomorrow afternoon to make sure you saw this though ^^;

Anyways, that different way home was a 50 minute walk. Might differ in the future, but this time, I took McNaughton all the way out to Delaware instead of Victoria. Actually though, it was 45 minutes, if you consider the time I spent in 7-11 trying to decide what I wanted. Quite a nice walk though, because work was busy, and rather annoying, thanks to Earl. For one, he decided I'd be staying 'till midnight, despite never getting a definite answer from me, and also, he put a till on in my name a full hour before my shift started. Thankfully, it ended up being over, because otherwise, I would've left a curt little note for him. And I worked with another new guy tonight whose name is Cam. He actually brought in his application / resumé yesterday night, asked to talk to Michelle (well, "the manager", to be technical), and next thing I know he's coming in to work tonight :p For the little bit tonight though, he seems pretty good, and I do close with him again tomorrow night, so yeah~

And now I'm just writing this, then I'm going to tidy up my room (again) plus a few other things, then tomorrow, I have to be at Heart and Stroke for 2, 'till when I don't know, but hopefully just until the stuff I have to do is done, then we're going out for supper (probably to Smittys), then work at 8. I'm just repeating my previous entry now though, so I might as well get going on the other stuff~

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