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I swear I used that as a subject line before, but oh well. I'm using it again :p

Anyways. Here's what's going on. About 4 this afternoon, Mom came into my room, and said that Josh had phoned, wanting to know if I wanted to do something tonight. I was expecting him to call today, seeing as this is the first time in a while that we've both had the same day off. Like I said before, it seems that whenever we do something like this, it's always me over at his house, so I was determined to, this time, get him to come over here.

I tried phoning him several times at home, to no avail, then Dad looked up his cell number on his cell phone, so I tried calling that, with no luck either. Another thing to take note of is that since earlier this morning (as in when I went to bed), I wanted to go to the bank again to get some money to buy Cooking Mama and either Contact or Vice City Stories. I figured it'd work out wonderfully if he were to agree to come over here for once, because then we could go out to EB Games together and he could take a look at whatever he was interested in.

It never works. Before I left for the bank, I sent him the following email:

"So my Mom gave me the message. Want to do something tonight, such and such. The way things are going right now, it'd work out better (at least from here) if you were to come here for the night, because I do have to go to Heart and Stroke in the morning. So I'm off to the bank right now, so I'll try phoning you again when I get back if you don't read this before then.

Oh, and as for Neverwinter Nights 2, not even going to try it without getting a new videocard

Just checked it again, and I got a reply back:

"hahahhaha but i have to look after the dogs, get them up in the morning etc."

There's always some *#%^ excuse or reason to say no! I don't even know what I'm going to do now. I mean, like I said before, Josh is my friend, but I'm sick and tired of always going to his house when we do this sort of thing. Yeah, I know certain sacrifices are sometimes required in this sort of thing, but in this case, they seem to be entirely one-sided. Either he has to tend to their dogs in the morning, or he's got to be to work at 10 or 11, or there's some other thing that comes up.

What to do now though...

Well, like what usually happens, I'll probably end up going to his house tonight. Not without going out to EB Games first though. I just withdrew enough money to get two of the three games listed above, so I'm not just going to leave it in my room tonight for Naomi to happen across. Volunteering, I don't know. I really should be going tomorrow, regardless of what happens, because I haven't been in there all week, but the problem is this. When I finally lay down to go to sleep in his room down there, I keep my clothes on. Not only because it'd be rather awkward for him to come down in the morning and see me in nothing but a pair of shorts, but also because having clothes on helps to avoid the little bits of this and that and the other thing all strewn about his bed sticking to your skin. That's even without mentioning that if you sleep in his room, and you want your clothes to smell okay the next day, then you're going to have to wash your clothes.


He just called here (finally). I told him I had plans to go to EB Games, so he offered to come pick me up and we'd go together, so he's on his way right now. I told him I at least wanted to have supper here before I left though, so maybe he'll be here for at least an hour (or possibly even better).

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