Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Forgot my Hat :x

A little less than halfway home this morning, I started going over the close, trying to think of stuff I might have forgotten. Couldn't remember anything directly close-related, but I did recall that I left my hat on the microwave :s But I ended up waking up for a bit at 9 anyways, first having to give Cola a link to the directions to get here once more (if you happen to need it again, either let me know, or it's somewhere in the email :p), so I phoned them and asked Ange to put it in the office.

As for the close itself, it was interesting, because there were five of us (Michelle, Steve, Cam, Joe, and me), and we were still really disorganized. We got out of there around 1:30 though, which is alright. And once again, Earl is starting up with stuff he doesn't want done on closes (right now, it's not doing the grill 'till 5 minutes to), which is amusing for two other reasons. One, I'd be much, *much* more willing to listen to and abide by his "rules" if he closed more than once a month, and two, we closed at 12:50 last night. I shouldn't have to explain more than that *sigh*

I'm not entirely looking forward to my shift today either, considering it's 8 hours, and the last supper shift I worked dragged by so slowly. They are genuinely easier than closes (busier, yes, but you don't have to worry about getting stuff cleaned up, etc.), but not without their own disadvantages. Tomorrow is going to be different, for obvious reasons, but we're not quite there yet ;_;

Oh, and now I'm being tasked with finding a train engineer hat on eBay for Mom. Well, really for the kid she works with, who apparently likes trains. Feh. I now have $12.39 left in my Paypal. Yay~ There are only two things I'm thinking of getting that I'd need money in there for anyways, and they're definitely waiting for at least a month.

Anyways, it's 2, and I leave at 3, so I'm going to post this then play a couple songs on Guitar Hero III :3

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