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More or Less Ready to Go

My laptop is all that remains to still be packed up. Oh, and there's a bag of stuff still up in my room (pillow, blanket, footpaws, tail), but I'm leaving that there 'till Cola gets here, lest somebody else sees it, and starts asking questions :s Adam's gone too though, so I typed a note up in Notepad, and now I'm just waiting :3

And of course...
Was on deployment to be steaming again, which I really didn't want to have to do for a second day in a row, so I asked Earl if it could be changed, and he said I should ask Josh, so I did. Found that I was originally supposed to be on front cash, but that Earl must've changed the deployment when he started. Even given that though, I made not a single order for the entire day. At first, I took over drive through for Joe so he could go on his break (after getting Earl quite angry with me from saying "If he (Earl) can shy away from it (the headset), why can't I?" His response was "I am counting a till". Feh.

He counted a till about ten minutes earlier, and found that it was over. Over the exact amount that Karen's till from another night had been short. The cash shortage had already been written up and "processed" though, so he told Josh to just take the money out of the till and put it in an envelope to give to her when she came in. However, later on in the evening, Josh started counting a till for me for front cash (I was busy doing something else at the time, and I'm fine with him doing that), and found that it was short the same amount that was in the envelope for Karen -_-; At the end of the night, it ended up being 84 cents over, so I'm really glad she didn't get the money before my till got put on.

But otherwise, after Joe came back from his break, he asked me if I was willing to stay on drive through and he'd do the dishes. Told him that I'd be happy to do the opposite, and he agreed, so I went to the back and got to work. By the time I went on my break (8:30), all the dishes there were to be done by then were caught up, mini was taken down, cleaned, and set up again, pans were bagged for hot and cold line, bertha was bagged, and the fry dump was done. Oh, and pizza shells had been fried too, but I did those earlier in the afternoon while waiting for more dishes. Left at 11:15 too, but I felt that was well justified, because mostly everything was caught up, and they weren't terribly busy either.

Also, this song. You can sometimes hear it in / at the main menu of Guitar Hero III, but why isn't it actually playable? Both it, and "Stricken", by "Disturbed" sound like they'd be fun to play, but unless I'm missing something completely obvious, I've downloaded all the song packs from XBOX Live, and bought all the songs from the shop in the game and they still aren't there ;_;

And otherwise this week, I close on Wednesday and Thursday, then have Friday and Saturday off again, so I may have to take that long route home a second time~ Not quite sure what's going on with Heart and Stroke though, but Michele said she'd email me if there was stuff to be done, so I guess I'm waiting on her for now :p

Ooh. Just got an IM from Cola to say that he'll be heading out the door in about ten minutes. I's excited ^^; It's going to be a bit though, so in the meantime, there's one place I have to go (it wouldn't hurt to get out for a quick walk anyways), then it'll probably be Guitar Hero III 'till he gets here. Perhaps next time I write an entry in here, I'll actually have to use the "Location" field~

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