Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Fun Night x2 (If Only "Funner" Was a Word)

Had an interesting start to the day though. Woke up around 11, feeling nowhere near tired enough to get back to sleep, so I got up, stumbled into the bathroom, went about my business, flushed, and watched in amazement as the water in the toilet got higher and higher :x I turned it off before it completely flooded, but yay anyways :p

The couple hours after that were spent trying to fix a problem I created by messing around with the ACLs for my external hard drive, which were eventually solved by enabling the option to show the "Security" tab in the properties window, and setting all admins to have full access to the drive.

As for the furmeet, it was both good and bad. I will admit that I'm slightly disappointed with myself for not putting on either my tail or footpaws, but hopefully this "Coming to the furmeet" thing doesn't end up being a one-time arrangement. Assuming it's not, I *want*, right now, to, before we leave London tomorrow, ask Cola if we can head over to the train station just so I can figure out how far away it is, and what sort of stuff there'll be for me to look out for to make sure I'm headed the right way. I did head out to Tim Hortons earlier, and on the way back went to "Hasty Mart", but there still appears to be a good distance between there and Via Rail :s I can't see minding the walk though, so the distance shouldn't be a problem. There's also the issue of "Would I be able to stay overnight?", but I can always ask about that too.

Anyways though, I bought a pack of 40 Timbits, which I planned on sharing with everyone at the furmeet, but between food already being ready / made (potatoes, chips and dip, and pizza), *and* one of the other furs asking somebody who work(s/ed) at Tim Hortons if the Timbits came premade in a bag or something, I never got around to it ;_; Oh well. I can always take them home and work on eating them there.

On the good side of things though, I didn't sit in the same spot all night this time, and actually talked. Well, more answered questions I guess. Specifically "What's your name?", to which I said "Karadur", when I gave my real name before, and also "Where are you from?" and "What are you?" The last question had me sort of confused until the word "species" was added, then it was just a simple matter of saying "Oh! Snow Leopard!". Speaking of which, the next entry I make from home *should* contain something I've wanted for a while. I'd post it right now, but I only have it in physical form, and it's not complete by any means, but at any rate you'll just have to wait and see ^^

Oh, and I also played a bit of Okami today, which has been... interesting, thus far. For one, I cannot draw a straight line with the Wiimote to save my life, so it's a good thing they added the "Hold Z" option, and also, the analog stick is screwed up. Pushing / holding right makes you move at a walking pace, even when you should be running :\ So perhaps I'll have to head up to EB Games while we're getting groceries on Thursday and see about buying another one.

With that though, I'm sure there's more stuff I wanted to write about that I've forgotten, but it's three in the morning again, and I'm not sure what time we're leaving tomorrow, so I should probably at least get ready to go to sleep :3

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