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Back to Normalcy

At least where "normalcy" is going to bed around 4, waking up at noon or so, then leaving for work at 7. Feh. Yay for boring routines~ Still no email from Michele though, so I'm just going to assume she doesn't have anything for me this week. And like I said in my previous entry, unless things have been changed since I last checked, I have Friday and Saturday off, and I'll definitely have something to do on Friday. Although before I go, I will need to ask Cola what a good time to plan on showing up would be. 5:00 or after seems to be the best bet, but that depends on what schedules the trains are running on...

And otherwise today, not much of note again. Depending on how I'm feeling when I get home, I may or may not go through my closet and try to find some space for a couple things in my room. Specifically, I'd like to find somewhere to put all those fur throws, and I think one of the collapsed boxes I have underneath my bed might work, but even if it does, the problem turns to finding a place to put that box. Same thing goes for all my tails too, because they're still on my top bunk right now, but I lay down up there before going to bed at night, because I find that if I lay down on my bottom bunk, I get tired enough to go to sleep way too quickly :\

Anyways, it's now 6:30, and I do plan on walking to and home from work, so I should probably go get ready to go. I believe I'm closing with Steve tonight, but one way or another, we'll see~

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