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Something amusing to start. See here. It's something from work, but there were two copies of it, so chances are they'll just make another copy, or I could take it back in tomorrow night, but that wouldn't be worth the trouble :s I booked the 27th of this month off though, so all I'm waiting for now is a reply from Cola, which I hope to get sometime later today. We will see~

Otherwise though, I really like my schedule for the next week and a bit.

Thursday: 8 - close
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 8 - close
Monday: 8 - close
Tuesday: 8 - close
Wednesday: 8 - close
Thursday: 8 - close
Friday: 8 - close
Saturday: 8 - close
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off / No
Tuesday: 8 - close

As before, curiosity (and largely unchanging shifts) make kitty sad ;_; Even more so because I'm not sure if we're going back to our old hours now either. I suppose the best I can do for now is to take a look when I go in tomorrow night... Speaking of which, Steve thinks it's going to be busy, for it being the first Thursday of the month meaning some checks come out or something. Feh. It's him, Michelle, and me closing, and having Friday and Saturday off, I plan on walking home no matter what Michelle says. I should try to think of some way to explain why I don't want a ride, but all I can come up with is "I just want to walk." True enough, I guess, but it seems sort of... simple.

It was quite slow tonight, which made for a nice start getting back to work, and surprisingly nobody asked me what I'd been away for three days for, but I've more or less decided that if anyone asks (family or otherwise), I'll just say "I'd tell you, but I doubt you'd understand", and if they press any further than that, say "Would you know what I was talking about if I said I went to a furmeet?" Either way, it's a win / win type thing. I did leave a copy of that scan of the sketch Cooper did for me on the downstairs computer, but only because it's the one the scanner is attached to, and also because I figure it can't hurt one way or another. Perhaps it actually could, but if so, such a circumstance doesn't come to mind right now.

And so tomorrow, we're going grocery shopping at 4, then I have to head off for work at 7. It's going on 4:30 in the morning as I write this though, so I should probably finish it up and try to get to sleep for that very reason :3

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